Outdoor Indoor Patio Furniture

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Buying patio furniture was one of the best things I could have done for myself when I was a student. Keep in mind that I did not have a patio or even a front lawn. I got the patio furniture because I was too poor to furnish my apartment with proper in door things. It was a choice between one or two wooden chairs or a room full of patio chairs and tables.

A lot of people have done this I might add. With me it was nothing original. But in my case things did get out of hand, though I still think it was for the best. As my first year went on a lot of people took a liking to my place because the patio furniture gave it that nice relaxed, outdoorsy feel. In the dead of winter people seemed to enjoy the fact that they could come into my place, lay back on the patio furniture and have a drink.

It was after someone got me a plant that things started to escalate. Why the plant was given to me I will never know but one person liked it and then the next. This prompted a bigger plant to be brought and then one more. With all the foliage around the crowding patio furniture it truly began to look like I was living outside, or that outside was living inside.

This prompted people to add to my patio furniture a park style bench. This went against the wall where a tree was then painted. My place became a free for all and everyone was adding their own touch until my whole apartment looked like you had just walked onto a patio.

Years later I can’t sit on anyone’s patio furniture without remembering my outdoor indoor apartment.

Source by Van Whitsett