Caring For Your Patio Furniture

Caring for your patio furniture

There are few things as lovely in the summer than relaxing in our gardens, hosting family BBQs or simply reading a good book. When we invest in garden furniture, we want to make sure it lasts more than one season, providing us with an outdoor space we can use year after year. Knowing how to properly maintain and care for our furniture is key in keeping it looking as good as new, so here’s our guide to help you along.

Metal Furniture

With the exception of aluminium, metal furniture is prone to rust, especially if left out during the wet and
cold winter months. Keep dry with a waterproof cover, or store in a garage or shed. Rust can become a problem when paint begins to flake. Remedy this by sanding off the affected area and applying a coat of anti-rust paint. You can then top this off with standard metal paint to match the original colour. Even though aluminium doesn’t rust, it can change colour over time – this is completely harmless and does no damage to the furniture! Storing away and using weather covers will help you avoid this happening.

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Wooden Furniture

Hardwood patio furniture, such as teak, produces natural oils that keep it weather resistant. It won’t need
additional staining or protection, but rubbing teak oil into it once a year will help maintain its finish. This
is best done during Spring, and will also help prevent lichen from growing on the wood. Teak furniture will
turn a pale grey over the years, which is perfectly normal and desired by many people. If you’d prefer to keep
the original colour, you can use teak protector yearly.

Hardwood furniture, such as teak, produces natural oils that keep it weather resistant.

Softer woods, such as pine and beech, are much more prone to rotting and degrading in bad weather. It’s
recommended to treat this furniture with a wood stain at least once a year, concentrating on the feet and any
flat areas where water might collect. Wood stain is available in a variety of colours, which is great news for
the creative amongst you who’d like to add a personal touch to your furniture! Using a tarpaulin or waterproof
cover during the winter will help keep your furniture looking its best, preventing damage from the cold and wet
winter weather.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan patio furniture is woven from plastic, which makes it very easy to look after, requiring just soapy water for
a wash every now and then. Avoid pressure washers or any harsh chemical cleaners, as these can damage the
material. It’s easy for dirt to accumulate between the weaves, so it’s best to store somewhere cool and dry
during the winter. This also prevents weathering and avoids the rattan from discolouring. Apart from this, your
rattan furniture should provide you with a low maintenance and attractive option for your summer entertaining.

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